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Saturday, April 04, 2020


Forms and Reference Documents


 TitleCategoryDescription Modified Date
Clover Go for Dummies - Credit Card Instructions Instructions for using the Clover GO device for taking Credit Cards at Conclaves and other eventsDownload4/27/2019
Trading Post Price Sheet Current prices for items in the trading postDownload5/10/2019
Trading Post Check Out Sheet Spreadsheet Used to Track Trading Post Inventory for an EventDownload11/27/2019
Feather and Pin Recognition SystemAwardsDesigned to recognize those youth and adults who have fiven service to their Chapter or Lodge activities and functionsDownload8/28/2018
Youth Lodge Flap and Tenure Incentive PlanAwardsINcentive plan to encourage participation in Lodge events by youthDownload8/28/2018
OA Troop Representative DutiesFAQPositing description for the OA Troop RepresentativeDownload8/28/2018
How to Electronically Register for a ConclaveFAQ2018 Version of how to electronically register for a conclaveDownload8/28/2018
2019 Event workbook for Conclaves, Spring Openers and other EventsFinanceUse this workbook to budget and report all conclaves, spring opener weekends and any other OA event. In the workbook, use the sheet for the specific event.Download4/27/2019
OA Finance Best PracticesFinance2018 Version of the OA Chart of Accounts and the Financial Procedures To Be Used for Lodge FinancesDownload8/28/2018
OA Dues FormForms2019 Version of the OA Dues FormDownload8/28/2018
Short Term BSA Health FormFormsHealth Form required for all BSA events lasting less than 72 hours - 2014 VersionDownload8/28/2018
2019 OA Unit Election Files - WinZip formatUnit Elections WinZip file containing useful documents pertinent to the 2019 Unit Election process. To use these documents. Unzip the file to a convenient location. Enter the 2019.os.unit.election.files directory, and open the READ.ME.FIRST.pdf fileDownload2/1/2019
Unit Election Video PresentationUnit Elections2019 Version of the OA Unit Election VideoDownload2/8/2019

LEC Minutes


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