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Friday, April 03, 2020

vigil sash


Vigil Conclave


Fifth Annual Vigil Reunion -  August 22 - 23, 2020

The 2020 Fifth Annual Vigil Re-Union is happening this August at Phillippo. Hundreds of hours of service to the camp were performed at all our previous Vigils and much FUN enjoyed as we engaged with our fellow Scouts.  And did I mention the ENTERTAINMENT?  Those that were not up to camping stayed in the air-conditioned Camper Cabin. 

Don’t miss the fun of seeing fellow Vigils and helping out on service to the camp.  So reserve the date for the Fifth Annual Vigil Reunion and join in on what should be a fantastic time with the Order of the Arrow Vigil gathering.  Remember, you can tent camp or stretch out in one of our buildings.  Registration is now open:

2020 Vigil Reunion Reservation Link

So you can sign up early.  Did I mention the FOOD?  The chefs from Southern Skies Chapter are anxious to serve you. 

Looking forward. To seeing you in August.  YIS.  Steve Young- OA Vigil Induction Adviser

Vigil Nomination


The following are documents from the 2020 Vigil Process:

2020 Vigil Key Dates

Totanhan Nakaha Vigil Call Out Script 2020

Link to Register for the 2020 Vigil Conclave - August 22th to August 23rd

Vigil Reunion Weekend

2019 Vigil Candidates List

Follow this link for a list of the candidates and their chapters: 2019 Vigil Candidates

Reminder: The 2020 Vigil Reunion Conclave will be held August 22 - August 23

Follow this link for the 2019 Vigil Conclave Schedule: 2019 Vigil Conclave Schedule



2019 Vigil Class


Please Welcome Our 2019 New Vigil Members (8/25/2019)

To see more pictures from this event, follow this hyperlink: 2019 Vigil Conclave Photos (courtesy of Paul Mahowald)


2018 Vigil Class


Please Welcome Our 2018 New Vigil Members (8/26/2018)

To see more pictures from this event, follow this hyperlink: 2018 Vigil Conclave Photos (courtesy of Jim Foster)


2017 Vigil Make-Up Class


2017 Vigil Make-Up Class (5/20/2018)

Sam Schroeder, Peter Fitzpatrick, Jacob Pawloski, Thoyer Boyum, Parker Smith


2017 Vigil Class


Please welcome our 2017 new Vigil Honor Members

For more pictures of the 2017 Vigil Reunion, click on this link: 


2016 Vigil Class


Please welcome our 2016 new Vigil Honor Members

More pictures for the 2016 Vigil Reunion and Induction Conclave are available here: https://jafoster.smugmug.com/Scouting/Order-of-the-Arrow/2016VigilConclave/

2015 Vigil Class


Please welcome our 2015 new Vigil Honor Members

2014 Vigil Class


Please welcome our 2014 new Vigil Honor Members

2013 Vigil Class


Please welcome our 2013 new Vigil Honor Members

2012 Vigil Class


2012 Vigil Class

2012 Vigil Class

Please welcome our new 2012 Vigil Honor Members.

The weekend of Aug 25 to Aug 26 2012, 66 lodge members were inducted into the Vigil Honor. We are pround of these new members and look forward to their continued committement to service in Scouting and the Order of the Arrow.

2011 Vigil Class


Please join us in congratulating the 2011 Vigil Class!

Each year, the lodge strives to recognize its most worthy members with the Vigil Honor.  Selections are made with great care, and only after thorough consideration of the possible candidates.  Totanhan Nakaha Lodge is please to recognize the following members who have been selected as this year’s candidates for the Vigil Honor:

2011 Vigil Class List

Vigil Conclave Quick Info


What: Vigil Reunion and Induction Conclave 2019

Where: Phillippo Scout Reservation

When:  Aug 24-25, 2019


2019 Vigil Candidates


Sponsor Letter

Vigil Member Letter


Vigil Documents

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize Description
Vigil Nomination ProcessPolicy1/17/201321.10 KBDownload 
Vigil Sponsor Role 7/19/201511.44 KBDownload 
2017 Vigil Nomination FormNomination10/26/2016304.03 KBDownload2017 Vigil Nomination Form: Due to Chapter Leadership 1/7/2017
Vigil Induction PlanPolicy1/17/2013112.66 KBDownload 

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