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Vigil Conclave 2017Vigil Conclave 2017

Vigil Reunion and Conclave 2017

All Vigil members are invited to join their fellow Vigil brothers at the Totanhan Nakaha Vigil Conclave and 2nd Annual Vigil Re-Union, August 26 & 27, 2017 at Stearns Scout Camp. We will induct our newest members of the Vigil honor, renew our Vigil experiences, and share the fellowship of our brothers. 

What: Vigil Reunion and Conclave 2017

Where: Stearns Scout Camp

When:  Aug 27-28, 2016

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2017 Section Conclave2017 Section Conclave

2017 Section C-1A Conclave
September 8-10, 2017

Twin Valley Council, Camp Cuyuna, Crosslake MN

Registration Available Now

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Lodge Officer Election Results

2017-2018 Lodge Officers

The Results are in!

  • Charlie Schumer - Lodge Chief
  • Luke Gentle - Lodge Executive Vice Chief
  • Ian Flickinger - Lodge Vice Chief Program
  • Tyler Solheim - Lodge Vice Chief Membership
  • OPEN - Lodge Vice Chief Communication
  • OPEN - Lodge Vice Chief Finance

These Arrowmen will take office this fall.


2016-2017 Lodge Leadership


2016-2017 Lodge Officers
Jack Indritz  --  Lodge Chief
Jack Indritz

Your Lodge Vice Chiefs

Thöger Boyum - Executive Vice Chief
Alex Vaa - Vice Chief Program
Luke Gentle - Vice Chief Membership
Charlie Schumer - Vice Chief Communication
Tyler Doering - Vice Chief Finance

2017-2018 Lodge Leadership


2017-2018 Lodge Leadership
Charlie Schumer  --  Lodge Chief

Your Lodge Vice Chiefs

Sam Gentle - Executive Vice Chief
Ian Flickinger - Vice Chief Program
Tyler Solheim - Vice Chief Membership
OPEN - Vice Chief Communication
OPEN - Vice Chief Finance

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