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Chapter Meetings are held at the Great Rivers District Roundtable the first Thursday of each month from September through May.  Please arrive at 6:45 pm to organize for the Opening Flag Ceremony for the District. Roundtable is held at The Church of Latter Day Saints on Hadley Aveneue in Oakdale.  Our next meeting will be Thursday, December 6 at 7:00 pm. We will be preparing for Unit Elections coming up in the new year.  

Here are the Chapter meeting dates for this season:

January 3-Unit Election Training(OA TROOP REPS BE THERE!)

February 7-TBD

March 7-TBD

April 4-Spring Conclave Planning

May 2-District Cookout


Your Chapter Officers for 2018-19 are:

Chapter Chief- Jack Martin

Executive Vice Chief- Calvin Stepan

Vice Chief of Elections- Evan Murray

Vice Chief of Conclave- Sean Schiferl

Vice Chief of Ceremonies- Nate Anderson

Please feel free to contact them through their respective email accounts


Nominations for the VIGIL Honor will be due about January 17, 2019.  Please consider Arrowmen in your unit who have gone above and beyond in their dedicated service to out Brotherhood.


Each Troop will be hosting an Order of the Arrow Election during the period from mid January to mid April.  Training will be provided for OA Unit Reps in November.  Unit Election Sign ups are ongoing right now, so please sign up ASAP if your troop has not already chosen a date! If you are an OA Unit Representative, please plan on attending our January 3rd Election Training meeting.

Does your unit have a designated Order of the Arrow Troop Representative?  The OA Troop Rep is a valuable asset to your Senior Patrol Leader and is an appointed position that is Eagle eligible.  This position is responsible for attending Chapter meetings, bringing information back to the unit on Chapter and Lodge activities, leading service opportunities for the Troop on camp outs and leading a service project for the Chartering Organization.  Participation in the PLC is optional, but highly encouraged. Additionally, our OA Troop Reps help with elections in other surrounding troops and encourage participation of your candidates in our Fall Induction Conclave.  If you are interested in this leadership opportunity, please consult with your SPL and Scoutmaster. All OA Troop Reps should then contact the Chapter Adviser with contact information so we can enhance your leadership opportunity.


Our Fall Induction Chapter Conclave is September 18 to 20, 2015 at Fred C Andersen Scout Camp.  Registration is in the Swanson Lodge from 5:30 to 7:00 pm on Friday evening.  We will be looking for Ceremonialists, Elangomats, Work Project Managers, Culinary Staff and a variety of other  "cheerful service" opportunities.  Please make certain you put these dates on your calendar now.


For further information on Great Rivers Chapter of Totanhan Nakaha Lodge:

Mike Martin, Chapter Advisor


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