Sunday, May 26, 2019

Lodge Elections Site is Now Active

The lodge election site is now active.  All youth members are allowed to vote.

Here is the URL for the site:Link to the Election Site

The voting site will be open during the first two weeks of May.

4th Annual Vigil Reunion - August 24 & 25 

All Vigil members are invited to join their fellow Vigil brothers at the Totanhan Nakaha Vigil Conclave, August 24 & 25, 2019 at Phillippo Scout Reservation.

We will induct our newest members of the Vigil honor, renew our Vigil experiences, and share the fellowship of our brothers.

This will also be our 4th Annual Vigil Reunion beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. All participants (candidates and reunion goers) should arrive by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Event Registration LInk

More information regarding the event can be found on the Vigil Honor page on this web site.

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OA ID Lookup


The link below will allow you to access a list of the First Names of Arrowmen in the Lodge and their OA ID's. 


Link to the OA ID Lookup PDF file

You can download this 604 KB PDF file if you wish. Or you can use CTL-F to look for a specific item without downloading the file.



NOAC 2020 Interest Survey

NOAC 2020 is only 18 months away. So that we can accurately gauge the interest level in attending this great event, we are asking Arrowmen who are interested in attending to give us their names and contact information.

We do not have many details yet, but we do know there is a one to one ratio of youth to adults.  If we have 50 youth attending, we can take 50 adults.

Please promote this event to all Arrowmen and let us know if you are interested in going.

If you wish to record your interest to attend NOAC 2020, click here to go to the Google Forms to fill out an interest survey. (May not open if popups are blocked.

Thank you.

Totanhan Nakaha Lodge 2020 Planning Committee



Fred C Anderson 2019 Camp Summer Cleanup and Opener

Date: Friday May 3 through Saturday May 4

Location: Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp - Swanson Lodge

Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies will be conducted at this event.

Registration link for the event

Link to the Event Flyer



2019 Rum River Camp Summer Opener

WHEN:  Saturday May 4th  8am    --  No Registration Required
There is no signup or cost for the Rum River weekend coming up soon. Just show up by 8 am. Bring your own lunch. Beverages are provided.


2018 - 2019 Lodge Leadership


2018- 2019 Lodge Officers
Ian Flickinger  --  Lodge Chief

Your Lodge Vice Chiefs

Daniel Kimball - Executive Vice Chief
Casey McCloy - Vice Chief Program
Michael Villota - Vice Chief Membership
Silas Anderson - Vice Chief Communications
Karsten Smith - Vice Chief Finance

Lodge Dues

Pay 2018-2019 Dues Online 
(Credit Card or eCheck)
Pay by direct check or cash 

Are you a returning member? Maybe you were in the OA as a youth. If so, we welcome you back. To become an active member of our lodge, please fill out the Dues Form in the link below and send it to the council office.

Dues Form for returning members

Founder's Award

2019 Founder's Award Announced 2019 Founder's Award Announced

Congratulations to our newly announced 2019 Founder's Award recipients:

  • Ian Flickinger
  • Ben Coder
  • Greg Nonweiler
  • Dominic Wolters

These deserving Arrowmen were presented with their award at the Winter Banquet in February.

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Keep your BSA membership up to date!

All members of the Order of the Arrow must also be registered members in the BSA.  The following link contains some BSA registration options if you are not currently involved with a unit.

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